Why choose commerce after the 10th?

Our childhood, filled with ‘Dev Kathas’, fairy tales and folk tales. These stories not only entertain us, but also give a new dimension to our imagination with the development of practical knowledge and essential skills. While listening to these stories, don’t know when the desire to create such stories became stronger. While heroic characters create a frenzy in the mind, their amazing feats would lead us into the ocean of imagination.  As the teenage threshold approached, the frenzy turned into entrepreneurship.

Commerce as a stream

Like most, I was also fascinated by Finance & Business. Most of us always intended to set up their own business. But to get into doing business one must understand the nuances of the business. Yet, one does not gain business knowledge overnight, whereas learning the nuances takes time. Commerce as a stream helps in gaining in-depth knowledge of Accounts, Finance, and Economics which are the fundamental keys to a business.  After all these aspects for choosing commerce as a study stream were thus obvious.

Commerce for Business

 It is a fantasy that commerce is only all about money. On the other hand, it is about figuring out how to establish a business, how business works, how to manage a company and personnel, keeping a track of the stock and global market, keeping eyes on tax schemes, and much more.

Business after commerce study

On the basis of these aspects, I have completed my education in Commerce and at present, I am associated with a leading Commerce institute and looking at its entire Business module. The essence of commerce helped me to understand the nuances of the business. While utilizing these nuances the institute is now Bihar’s best coaching institute, having five centers in Patna. It means, one who is in Patna or comes to Patna may visit any of our centers. We always focus on quality education, caring for students. We have started revision, test series in Commerce stream. These initiatives step put us two steps forward then competitors. Well researched and developed study material helped us to fill the gap between syllabus & classroom.

We believe in traditional methodology that is study, examination; so, our team has applied a unit test that has become our USP. Toppers of these unit tests are rewarded in classrooms, this activity engages or motivates other students to do better in the next tests. Expert & experienced faculties, doubt and backup classes, best Infra, well-arranged AC classrooms, prime locations even easy to reach by public transport; all these factors make us the No. 1 Commerce institute of Bihar.

So, this is my story of choosing commerce to become an entrepreneur but now the scenario has changed. The commerce is now in trend and this change is due to its utility in entrepreneurship, self-employment and start-ups and the increasing demand of professionals in the finance industry.

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Nishant Mishra
Nishant Mishra

Executive Director
Chartered Commerce Edu. Pvt. Ltd.


    1. Hi Himanshu,

      Thank You for Being a part of Chartered Commerce. We thrive to give our best to you and all other students to make their Career Bright in Commerce.

  1. Nayansee kumarisays:

    Sir I’m really inspired by your’s story… I have just passed 10th board and I’m in class 11th now… I will love to share mine story of taking commerce with all of you

    1. Hi Nayansee,

      Thank you for your valuable comment and you are welcome to share your story with us. If we find your story Inspirational and relevant we will take the honour to publish it on our website.

  2. I’m now student of Charterd commerce.. I really enjoy the coaching coaching classes..
    I love and enjoy the teaching style of the teachers..

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