11 Tips to select a hostel for students life in (2023 Updated)

Moving from your home into a student’s hostel can be a new experience. There are a lot of things you need to consider before selecting a hostel. In 2021, where Covid 19 has shaken India, Parents and students are frightened to send their loved ones to a Hostel.

Choosing the right Hostel is the biggest struggle when you move from your home to the city for education. Finding a good Hostel in Prime location at a reasonable rate is not an easy task. And If you Finding a good hostel in any Metro or Tier 2 city like Patna, then it not a one-day job. You need to search a lot for the best Hostel in Patna. In a new city away from your hometown, you can’t take the risk of living in a place where safety and study both get compromised.

Not all hostels are equally good and have all facilities. Some might have a prime location near your college, near your coaching institute and some might have good food, and some might have good infrastructure. Sometimes the atmosphere of the place and students residing there matter more than location and amenities. When you and your parents are searching for the Hostel, you must have some hostel selection criteria. Restricting yourself to the set of these criteria is good, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

Sometimes you can get cheap hostels with fewer amenities, but the students there might win your heart. On the other hand, a luxurious hostel might not give you a feeling of home.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind before choosing a hostel for your student’s life.

Keys for choosing the right Hostel for you

Distance from your college or workplace:

Considering the location of a student hostel is essential before searching it. There might be some areas from where transportation to your destination will be expensive. If you have a preplanned idea of the location, you won’t have to go to places. It will save a lot of your time and energy. As someone rightly said, “Time is Money.”

It would be best to look for a hostel closest to a bus stop or auto stand, or station. It will help you in easy access to transportation. Even if you are planning to move to a different city, this can be helpful. Staying near to your college or Coaching or Institutions or workplace will make traveling easier for you.

Check Online reviews:

You can use the questions and answers website like quora for reading the views of the people about hostels. It is essential to know the experiences of the people. You can also contact them in-person to know more about that place. It will help you to know the overall punctuation of the Hostel. There might be negative opinions too about the hostels. Please don’t believe in them immediately and compare with others’ views for the same.

Images & Pictures of the places are available on the Internet. Just search on Google, and you will get listings of hostels in your desired location. Check their images, videos and posts, and reviews. Contact Hostels through message or call before visiting to see the Hostel. It will save your time to visit each Hostel.

Depending on the room quality, start searching on google. Make a list of 3-5 preferred hostels and visit them one by one.

You need to pay attention to the information about the Hostel provided. Reading terms & conditions of booking and leaving is a good thing to start. As most of the Hostels ask for an advance of 3-6 months, and when you leave the Hostel in mid-way due to some issues, then deny to return your advance payment. Visiting the hostel websites can also help get complete information about their policies. The better you will go through the website and read details, the fewer problems you will face.

Read the description:


Though the price is an essential factor, you cannot solely depend on it. If you keep the price range in your mind, then you might compromise on the facilities. Expensive hostels are not always the good ones; similarly, the cheapest one is not always bad.

Make a price range that you can afford, but it should be a little bit flexible. Before going for a very cheap option, check the location. Make sure you are not required to spend the same amount on transportation. You can instead choose the centrally located Hostel.

These days due to cutthroat competitions among hostels, they provide various types of amenities at a cheap rate. You can take advantage of it according to your needs and requirements.

Before accommodating in a hostel, read the description online and inquire about the provided online information. Ask about the quality of sleeping mattresses, showers, cleanliness, Security, food, and wifi. It is better to spend a little more bucks rather than shallow quality and uncomfortable times. But if the difference in your budget varies a lot, you can settle for a less quality hostel.

Safety should be a priority:

“Boy severely beaten up by Hostel Officials,” “15 Years old Boy’s body found in the toilet of hostel cum coaching Centre”, “Hotel warden held for bashing up boys, Noida” “students beaten, stripped, blackmailed, allegedly by seniors,” “Boy sexually assaulted by school warden” and many Headlines like these on Internet. Such incidents are not at all acceptable in a civilized society. Parents and students both mustn’t compromise on Security.

There are chances of your things getting stolen in a Hostel, you can get, but if a hostel has a bad reputation, then you or your child can lose your career. Installing a surveillance camera, i.e., a CCTV camera, can reduce such incidence. Nowadays, many hostels employ CCTV cameras as a primary tool to monitor the activity to prevent chaos in Hostel. However, it is essential to know where these cameras are installed? Who is regulating this? Who ultimately views what the camera is doing? Keep in mind CCTV cameras are to keep you safe, not to stalk you.

Check their Social Media Account:

All hostels don’t have their social media account or handles. But some of them have Social media accounts, and they are actively posting on them. Checking their Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or YouTube accounts is worth knowing about the Hostel.

You can also reach the old students of that hostels and ask for their genuine views about Hostel. Social Media profiles can give you a lot of information that you can’t get on the website and hostel owners.


Budget plays a vital role while choosing a hostel, mainly if you belong to a poor or middle-class family. Try to find out a hostel that has a clean surrounding within your budget.

There are a lot of hostels even today which require sponging. You should not compromise with cleanliness and look for a place with clean common areas. Try to avoid hostels with gross bathrooms, showers, and filthy common areas.

Ask your dorm caretaker to clean it from time to time and maintain hygiene.

Find A Hostel With Mess:

As we know, the whole world is facing the 2nd wave of the Pandemic, and we are not sure how many waves will occur. It is found those who have a strong immunity are getting recover faster. A healthy diet boosts your immunity.

So having a Balance and nutritious diet is the most important when you are in Hostel. As someone says, “A Healthy body has Healthy minds.” See the hostel diet chart what they are offering and judge it on the chart of calories. Every Hostel has a diet menu where they mentioned what is being served and when?

The three-time meal is a need of a student for maintaining a healthy body. If you are a non-vegetarian, look for the Hostel that offers non-veg at least twice a week.

Free wifi:

Wifi might not be the most important thing on your list. But it would help if you preferred to take a hostel with free wifi. It will decrease your monthly cost of recharging your phone net pack. You should also check the wifi speed.

Avoid using Payment transactions while using Hostel wifi. It can lead you to a problem. For payment transaction use only you own private network. Also, make sure hostel wifi is getting accessed by using wifi. If not, then asked the owner to get it fixed.

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Nishant Mishra

Nishant Mishra

Executive Director, Chartered Commerce


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