5 Reason to choose the commerce stream after class 10th.

You might be in your class 10th (Secondary School ) right now or passed, and don’t know what exactly to choose as a major subject in Higher Secondary School. This extreme dilemma aches the mind of all class 10th students. Their heads are stuck between science, Commerce, Arts, Mathematics, and whatnot.

So, here are five reasons why Commerce gives you a promising future.

1. Highest paid Employee

Think about any job and then think about its pay. Who is the highest-paid employee in any job? Definitely management. And Commerce is the field where management is taught from the grass-roots level. So, choosing the line of Commerce is the best choice if you are interested in management and finance. Take Commerce and learn management from the basic levels. The average salary of Chartered Accountants in India ranges between 6-7 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs. In Abroad salary is higher and it ranges between 40-75 Lakhs.

2. Applicability

Moving on to the second point that is applicability. Whatever you are studying, if you are not applying it in real life, then what is the use of studying? In Commerce, whether you go for business studies or whether you go for accountancy or economics, everything has direct applicability. You can apply knowledge of these subjects in your daily life. So why do you need to stop till completing your master’s and graduation? You can apply what you learn in your daily routine. For example, Use of Commerce is an integral part of our daily lives; we need an accountant to manage our finance and maintain home budgets. 

3. Exposure to the business environment​

The world is dynamic and filled with a lot of changes. Today, everyday every second world is changing. We in Commerce teach you how to deal with all such economic changes in the best possible way. It helps you to adapt to the business environment and business needs. Like the Covid-19 has hit hard on almost all of the world’s largest economies. Unemployment has risen by forty percent from the previous levels. All of these major economic backdrops can only be managed through maintaining commerce and trade cycles. Therefore, Commerce is an indispensable source for maintaining world economies. 

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4. Financial Assistance

People say, “money is a materialistic thing”. But also they can’t deny that money is the important thing to sustain our life. It is not a piece of paper and has much more value. Everyone needs financial assistance at some point in their time. They go to professionals and spend a lot of money. You can be that financial professional for them. You can take away money from them because you are helping them to make money.

There are a lot of concepts like mutual funds, shares, and many other things. A layman doesn’t know anything about these financial terms. You can learn the insight of these terms and can become a financial advisor for them. Apart from becoming a financial advisor Commerce offers ample professional opportunities to students like they can pursue CMA, CA, and CS roles and contribute to society.

5. Entrepreneurship​

Every Government all over the world is promoting Entrepreneurial spirits amongst its citizens. For example, Our Government,  aims for a five trillion dollar economy by promoting “Make in India” and Atma Nirbharta. 

An entrepreneur is someone who starts an organization. They should know all the details. How to deal with taxation and the financial effects? How to tackle the changes in the business environment? All these questions concern entrepreneurs.

These all questions concern and as a commerce professional, you will know how to deal with such questions.

Other streams can also do all these. But you being a commerce student, has the edge over them. Startups like Start-up India, Make in India are all going on the boom. The world is waiting for new entrepreneurs with new ideas to boost the economy. In the Pandemic itself, there has been a shift towards entrepreneurship and business and how an entrepreneur grabbed this Pandemic as an opportunity to grow their business. For example, the USA and UK see India as a potential market for producing their goods. Therefore they are planning to move their production setups to Bangalore and metro cities of India.

Why do people make Commerce a downtrend stream?

It happens many times that students hear people saying Commerce might not be a good stream for you. Do you ever think about what made them think so, and why are they wrong? Believing in ranking streams is not the right approach parents should help their children in finding their passion. Parents can follow an approach of teaching their students about the different kinds of choices available and promote decisions based on their child’s interests and skills. Following such an approach can help children follow their passion and avoid confusion in their later lives.

Conclusion – “Why choose commerce?”​

According to research, we have graded the subjects. Our Priority is Mathematics, and second is biology, Commerce is treated as the average subject. And lastly, we grade humanities as shaming streams. There is no such grading in real life, and according to data, earlier students’ division was about 30% in every stream. But today, including PCB and PMC, there are almost 50% students. And rest 40-50% of students are in the commerce stream.

You can’t become a doctor and engineer by doing Commerce. But besides that, you choose any career option. There are so many fields open for a commerce student. They can go into any diverse career field and make a remarkable career. You can go into economics, statistician, risk management, economist, etc.

One of the most charming careers available for a commerce student in actuarial science. There is an exam conducted for actuarial science known as AECT. You can be an actuary in insurance, an analyst firm. They keep an eye on how research work is going in the market. In India as well as abroad, they are highly paid jobs.

There are various fields of management in the commerce field. Some new and exceptional management fields are:

● Sustainability

● Sports

● Fashion business

● Communication

There is so many new career scope lining up in the field of Commerce. Thus, Commerce can be a great choice for you.

A Small Request:-

As you know, we are facing a crunch situation in every field due to this COVID-19 pandemic. I urge you all, as a Good Citizen of India follow the Guidelines of Government and IMCR. Stay at Home and if necessary with precaution go outside.

We shall overcome one day…!!!

Nishant Mishra
Nishant Mishra

Executive Director, Chartered Commerce

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