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In India, CA (Chartered Accountancy) is one of the most prestigious and challenging competitive examinations. Qualification rates are below 10%, which makes becoming a CA a long and exhausting process.

CA students who complete the final exam become members of ICAI (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and are then eligible to pursue various job opportunities around the world.

Here are some opportunities that CA can avail after completing the course:

Own Practice:-

CA chose this as one of their favourite job opportunities after passing the CA final exam. Over the past decade, the demand for financial tax and accounting services has increased due to the boom in GDP and the greater complexity of accounting.

International Opportunities:

ICAI and Chartered Accountants of Australia, New Zealand signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in April 2021, essentially advancing mutual recognition of membership qualifications.

MOU’s main objective is to establish a mutually beneficial cooperative framework for the advancement of accounting, knowledge, professional and intellectual development, and to advance the interests of members and contribute positively to the development of the accounting profession in Australia, New Zealand and India.

Furthermore, both sides will recognize the qualifications of members of the institute who have completed examinations, training, and practical experience requirements of the institute.

Working as a Consultant:-

After completing your CA degree, you can join a consultancy firm like E&Y, PWC, and Deloitte & Touche. These are four significant recruiters in the industry and known as the Big 4. Your key responsibilities as a consultant include undertaking project financing, valuation, startup financing, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Stock Market

Investing in stocks can be an exciting career choice if you have an interest in Investments. CA’s have an advantage in stock market investment when compared to other investors.

Higher Education

A major decision by the UGC (University Grants Commission) has allowed academics to earn post-graduate degrees equivalent to accredited Chartered Accountancy qualifications. As a result, CAs qualified can now pursue Dr. degrees at all the recognized universities across India.

As a result, ICAI members will gain access to various international markets, attracting global acclaim & recognition to India worldwide.


Teachers with CA qualifications are always in demand. An experienced CA could teach full-time or part-time.

Aside from the opportunities mentioned earlier, many other professional courses such as CPA from the United States, CIMA from London, CFA, CS and CMA from India are also available as post-CA options.


After completing CA, the field you choose will depend on your interests and passions and not simply your choice.

When preparing for the most challenging exams like that of CA, you need the best possible help and assistance to guide you to success.

For CA preparation, a wide range of topics is covered in depth. At Chartered Commerce coaching, teachers cover every subject, particularly the complex ones, in great detail, helping students prepare better. We ensure that you will succeed in Tax, Costing, and Accounting, although these subjects are complex.

The materials we use for study are designed based on the current syllabus and study guides provided by the ICAI. Further enrichment is provided by adding the answers to questions and problems asked by other students on various subjects. You can access previous years’ exam papers, which simplifies your studying process.

We only enroll a limited number of students per batch. Faculty can help students identify their weaknesses and address them. Join the best coaching institutes for CA Now.

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