Best Commerce Coaching in Gaya

Embarking on the journey of commerce education in Bihar, students in Gaya and Patna are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best coaching institute for Class 11 and 12. In this blog, we explore the top commerce coaching center in Gaya and recommend Chartered Commerce Coaching in Patna, shedding light on the distance and other expenses involved in making this educational journey.

Commerce Triumph in Gaya

Gaya, with its rich cultural heritage, is also home to ambitious commerce students. Among the coaching institutes that shine bright in this city, one name stands out – Commerce Triumph. With a team of experienced educators and a track record of excellent results, Commerce Triumph has become the preferred choice for commerce aspirants in Gaya.

Chartered Commerce Coaching – Nurturing Talent in Patna

When it comes to commerce coaching in Patna, Chartered Commerce Coaching has carved a niche for itself. Known for its rigorous curriculum, expert faculty, and result-oriented approach, this institute has consistently produced toppers in Class 11 and 12 commerce exams.

Gaya to Patna Distance For Commerce Coaching: Bridging Aspirations

For students in Gaya aspiring to join Chartered Commerce Coaching in Patna, the distance between the two cities is approximately 115 kilometers. The journey from Gaya to Patna can be conveniently covered by various modes of transportation, including buses and trains. The well-connected roadways and railways ensure that students can easily commute for their classes.

Expense Breakdown: Investing in Success:

Understanding the financial aspect is crucial for students and their families. Here’s a breakdown of the expected expenses for students commuting from Gaya to Patna for coaching:

Transportation Gaya and Patna for Commerce Class

Train/Bus Fare: The round trip fare for train or bus travel between Gaya and Patna typically ranges from INR 300 to INR 700, depending on the mode of transportation and class.

Local Transportation: Students may also need to consider railwy transportation costs for commuting within Patna.

Accommodation For Commerce Student:

For those considering staying in Patna during the week, hostel or paying guest accommodation can be explored. Monthly accommodation costs may vary but generally range from INR 3,000 to INR 6,000.

Coaching Fees For Commerce Coaching :

The coaching fees at Chartered Commerce Coaching may vary. It’s advisable to check with the institute for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


While the journey from Gaya to Patna may involve some logistical considerations, the investment in quality commerce education is a stepping stone towards a successful career. Commerce Triumph in Gaya and Chartered Commerce Coaching in Patna together form a dynamic duo, guiding students towards academic excellence and career success. With careful planning and dedication, students can overcome the distance and expenses, making this educational journey a rewarding experience.

Enroll today and chart your path to success with the best commerce coaching in Gaya and Patna!

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