Education in Pandemic: Digital e-Learning-a hope

Life is devastated due to Covid-19 Pandemic; it creates a pause in everyone’s life. COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life, businesses, disrupted the world trade and movements. Each sector either it is Tourism or Hospitality, Automobiles, Constructions, Cinema, Theatre, Local Business, etc. have been affected by this Pandemic.

The education sector also got effected by this Pandemic. Unfortunately, Corona spread when academic examinations were to end in India. The entire education sector was busy welcoming the new generation to nurture them to make their future bright and successful. As a teacher, I was busy preparing to deliver lectures for new young and dynamics students.

If we go back and look at the rise of the Pandemic we found that after the Holi holidays, students were about to return to their school, colleges & other educational institutions to resume their study. Meanwhile, the Government instructed to suspend all regular classes. On 22nd March 2020 Janta curfew was imposed and followed by a nationwide First lockdown in India on 24th March 2020.

Since, November 2019, the world has been watching the unfolding of Covid-19 pandemic started from Wuhan, China. Now the virus has spread to every community on the planet and leading a health crisis and economic uncertainty in every country.

Due to this uncertainty responsibilities and expectations both have increased from the students. There is an imbalance between demand and supply in the education sector as demand is low whereas supply is high.

According to the report of UNESCO, 320 Million students in Indian schools and colleges are currently impacted. This pandemic has pushed the world in drastically condition mainly in educational sectors. The question is, how India overcome this crisis?

e-Learning or Online Classes

e learning or online classes by chartered commerce

The Pandemic has disrupted the education completely in India and especially in Bihar. In those crucial situations, almost every coaching institute was facing a financial crunch and many of them forced to shut down. At that time Chartered Commerce has taken a Decision to “GO DIGITAL”.

o bring continuity in learning during this pandemic Chartered Commerce feels an urgency to provide a platform that fills the gap between the students and teachers. It was only possible with the e-Learning platform provided to the students.

For Science students, there were multiple options to learn Online but for Commerce students there was none. Chartered Commerce was the first in Bihar who started Exclusive Online Classes for Commerce Students. Now students can easily adopt our digital platform and learn the concept of commerce for their academic as well as a professional career.

Stay Home | Stay Safe | Study @ Home

Pandemic (COVID19) is temporary but moving forward is permanent.

Education is the key to move forward, keeping these points in mind, Chartered Commerce developed its own app & started online classes through Live & recorded video lectures in April 2020.

With this initiative, our existing, as well as new students, started their classes. This step during a pandemic brings an opportunity for students to get a quality education in the field of commerce at par with global standards from the comfort of their home.

Digital classes is new trend

It was felt from the last decade that the Indian education system needs an up-gradation.

The central government issued the most awaiting New Education Policy, which is expected to implement in the coming years.
This digital evaluation will help in delivering that. Transformation plays a crucial role in exchanging these trends in the world, it travels faster than ever before.

Chartered Commerce Digital Classes e-Learning become a leading platform that moves beyond the concept of traditional education and look forward in this pandemic situation and see a blend of an e-learning platform that boosts the modern concept of learning where face to face teaching takes place in a digital way.

A Small Request:-

As you know, we are facing a crunch situation in every field due to this COVID-19 pandemic. I urge you all, as a Good Citizen of India follow the Guidelines of Government and IMCR. Stay at Home and if necessary with precaution go outside.

We shall overcome one day…!!!


Faculty of Chartered Commerce


  1. Since we all are aware of your teachings and l feel proud to be your student . Your great effort plus cc efforts are endless to define in any phase . And in this critical stage of phase digital classes are a great revolution for students ….
    I extremely thankful for everyone kinds help….

  2. Sir u r really a great teacher. Aapse padhne ka mauka bhut naseeb walon ko milta h….. And it’s my good fortune that I am also one of ur students. Thanku so much sir for being our guide our teacher…. U r the best.

  3. After the pandemic left us with the digital leraning programmes, sir do you think the gap between student’s doubts and teacher’s opinions on their questions have increased or decreased ?
    If yes how your team will deal with that…
    Although , sir your first step to start the first e- learning course on commerce is appreciable…

  4. I feel glad that u teacher s think so much about us like ur own child.I would like to thank the whole cc for doing this all for us in this hard time

  5. Thanks alot to our honourable teacher nd cc to provide us such facility nd to make our path of sucess clear. E learning is the best way to keep our study continue in this pandemic too. @Stay home ,@stay safe

  6. Thank uh sir for all ur effort to teach us nd i must say u have soo much experince to how to teach student online and offline both😊

  7. We will always thankful to uhh nd whole chartered commerce family for hard work and efforts you put in to educate us.##we appreciate you🙏🙏we appreciate ur dedication!!

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