Money became the woodpecker of the family’s happiness

With the tremendous changes in the dynamic world, today’s stage came across where the family’s happiness is at the knees down with the weightage of money. Money has become an evil root for the declination of relationships and drags you down by cutting the kites of your flight.

Now here’s the queries arises why are you earning if your family doesn’t deserve the happiness of your love? Whom did you are earning if your child has to wait for you at every festival? Families are like a branch on a tree we grow in a different direction yet our roots remain the same, don’t let that root cut your strong bonds and thread just because of your work which not exist in front of them.

These small queries are eating your happiness and these are far better than earning one coin instead of a hundred. It’s a valueless, worthless which you are betting your happiness upon with no reason.

Do you ever realize why in today’s world, your child is being yours are still not be yours?

Why they spending their time with friends rather than with you it’s just because you have made up yourselves so busy that their wishes have been abolished completely dissolved in the solution of distilling water. Don’t let this water to be flourished in your relation and snatched all your happiness otherwise you might be having a lot amount of money but all worthless to be expressed.

Frankly speaking, just take an example of this ‘new year’, how many of u are spending your time with your families?; How many of you are living your work in the office and allotting your full time with your loving ones?; Or how many of u are living your friends aside for your families?;

I think and l am damn sure no one will be on this list, here’s the point my friend the real pleasure is in your home and u are finding outside? Families are the compass that stands with us in every situation, they are the inspiration who lead us in a different direction. There right should be ahead. Your time is precious but the precious coins which u are earning are useless

“Don’t ruin your happiness with the real world it gives you pleasure but not the real happiness.”

“Everything is fake less in this world except the golden smile of your loving ones…”

Please take note of it…

You go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day, it’s all about family.– Rod Stewart

So it’s my humble request to close down everything, every party and all sorts of things which are pushing you back to withdraw your family’s precious smile…

Have great fun in this New Year 2021, but living everything down which is up a stake of your loving ones smile.

हर सपना साकार है;

साथ अगर परिवार है;

खुशियाँ मुझे इतनी मिलती है जैसे रोज कोई त्यौहार है।

Archita Raj
Archita Raj

B.Com 1st year, R.P.S college


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